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Guided Walking Tour of Roselle Etruscan Archeological Park with an Expert English Speaking Guide

Roselle Archeological Park

The Archeological Park of Roselle is located on a hill overlooking the Tuscan Countryside near Grosseto. The town was founded by the Etruscans in the 7th century BC on the Prile lake and Ombrone River. This strategic position enabled the town inhabitants to control commerce with the in-land Etruscan Cities thanks to which the town rapidly developed into one of the most important and powerful Etruscan Cities. This is exemplified by the imposing mid 6th century BC city walls one can still admire today.

In 294 BC, after a fearsome battle, Roselle fell to the Roman Army. Although the Romans built a beautiful amphitheater, the Forum, a grand Basilica and magnificent thermal baths, the city did not prosper under Imperial rule. The Etruscan engineers held the secrets to draining the marshy lands Roselle was built upon and the Romans were eventually forced to leave the land due to outbreaks of deadly sicknesses such as malaria and numerous barbarian attacks.

The city was definitively abandoned in 1138 AD.

Roselle is truly unique Archeological gem, without the interventions and constructions of later populations, one can still admire today the original layout of the Etruscan City and the innovative urban structures constructed by the Romans.