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This Tour Includes

Pick-up/Drop-off at your accomodation

Guided excursion in the Natural Park

Expert English Speaking Guide.

Lunch in the town of Alberese.

The Maremma Natural Park.

The Maremma Natural Park overlooks the Tyrrhenian sea and the archipelago of Tuscan islands. It extends over 9800 hectares and boasts a chain of magnificent hills, covered in thick Mediterranean vegetation and centenary olive trees, which gracefully lead down to the limpid sea waters, white sandy beaches and breathtaking cliffs of the Monti dell’Uccellina. The spectacular flora of this protected area also includes pine tree forests, marshes, cultivated fields and vast green pastures.

Immersed in this natural heaven, one discovers a welcoming yet wild landscape which conjures the senses with the intense scents of aromatic herbs, colorful berries and the songs of a multitude of birds and woodland creatures. The Park is in fact home to numerous colonies of aquatic birds such as Anatidaes, egrets, herons, flamingos and some species of birds of prey such as the king fisher which has recently been reintroduced to this habitat. Other wildlife animals which inhabit the park include the wild boar, roe deer, porcupines, badgers, foxes and several species of reptiles. One cannot miss the magnificent Maremmane horses and cows which are cared for by the Butteri, the Maremma area’s very own cow-boys!

The Natural Park also boasts numerous archaeological sites, some of which are Etruscan or Roman ruins whilst others date back to the Middle Ages, such as the lookout towers and the San Rabano Abbey (1100) which has recently been restored.